T-SQL to U-SQL Data Type Conversion

This is just a quick post, mainly for my own reference. When working with code generated solutions we often need to convert datasets from SQL Server (T-SQL) data types to Azure Data Lake Analytics (U-SQL) data types. As you probably know U-SQL has a hybrid syntax of T-SQL and C# which uses .Net data types. That said the Microsoft doc’s data type conversion table doesn’t always help us, link below.


For example, a T-SQL int doesn’t convert to an Int32 in U-SQL, even though this is correct for .Net. We need to be a little more general when going from T-SQL to U-SQL and also use the correct casing.

Here is the Adatis the data type conversion table from T-SQL to U-SQL:

T-SQL Data Type U-SQL Data Type
bigint long
binary byte[]
bit bool
char string
date DateTime
datetime DateTime
datetime2 DateTime
datetimeoffset DateTime
decimal decimal
FILESTREAM attribute byte[]
float double
image byte[]
int int
money decimal
nchar string
ntext string
numeric decimal
nvarchar string
real float
rowversion byte[]
smalldatetime DateTime
smallint short
smallmoney decimal
sql_variant byte[]
text string
time DateTime
timestamp byte[]
tinyint byte
uniqueidentifier Guid
varbinary byte[]
varchar string
xml string

Finally, and again, mainly for my own reference here is a T-SQL script to create this as a database table.

Data Type Mappings.sql.zip

If this post helped you out, I’d be keen to know, so please add a comment.

Many thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “T-SQL to U-SQL Data Type Conversion

  1. This is very useful for the beginners to U-SQL like me, most of the time we mix the data types from T-SQL to U-SQL. Would like to know more on converting the data types from T-SQL to U-SQL mostly the syntax as when i am trying to convert from one to other getting lost while doing it.


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