SQLBits 2023

The data experts exchange and family friendly conference For the third time now we turned the annual SQLBits conference into a trip for the whole family. Why? Well, maintaining a work/life balance is always a challenge, so whenever possible making community events into long weekends and trips away with the family is a great opportunity … Continue reading SQLBits 2023

Can Azure Data Analytics unlock better business decisions?

My MSIgnite UK Spotlight Session 2022 Abstract The drive to stay ahead of the competition is greater than ever. With this comes a new wave of demand for data, in a resilient, reliable, and easily accessible form. In this session we’ll address the growing requirement for this capability head on, aligning our understanding on what … Continue reading Can Azure Data Analytics unlock better business decisions?

My First DataIQ Event

DataIQ 100 - 2022 On Wednesday 6th July I attended my first DataIQ event. A small group closed event, by invitation only, and all about networking with C-level business leaders from various industries. These great minds had come together to celebrate some of 'the most influential people in data'. By contrast, the conferences I normally … Continue reading My First DataIQ Event

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

My Thoughts Following MSBuild 2022 The MSBuild conference was excellent. The effort Microsoft put into making the experience work across time zones, in different languages and hybrid (in person/online) so very evident. My hat off to the organisers! The Data Annoucements During the keynote at MSBuild we were introduced to the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. … Continue reading The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Starting Cloud Formations.org

Expert Training Delivered by Industry Leading Microsoft MVPs Background Living in a smallish village with only one pub means a friendly community spirit and often talking to strangers. One such stranger was my neighbour Dan Addy. Who, as we discovered after several pub conversations worked in very similar roles to me, at a similar level. … Continue reading Starting Cloud Formations.org

Azure Data Integration Pipelines – Advanced Design and Delivery

SQLBits 2022 - Full Day of Training 9th March – Online or In Person at the London Excel https://sqlbits.com https://youtu.be/41eiT-Qp-bA In this full day training data session, we'll quickly cover the fundamentals of data integration pipelines before going much deeper into our Azure resources. Within a typical Azure data platform solution for any enterprise grade … Continue reading Azure Data Integration Pipelines – Advanced Design and Delivery

SQLBits 2022 – My Sessions

This year at SQLBits I'm honoured to be presenting a full training day and two regular sessions throughout the week. It'll be my 6th time at SQLBits, my 3rd time delivering a full training day and my 6th/7th time delivering sessions, I think! Full agenda here: https://sqlbits.com/information/schedulegrid My Sessions Azure Data Integration Pipelines - Advanced … Continue reading SQLBits 2022 – My Sessions

Training Events and Speaking in 2022 – Q1

I've already got several events in the calendar for the first quater of 2022! Assuming travel plans are permitted I'm really looking forward to speaking and attending the following events. Hope to see you there or online: SQL Portugal Data MeetUp https://www.meetup.com/sqlport-data/ 6th Jan - An Introduction to Azure Data Integration Pipelines3rd Feb - Azure … Continue reading Training Events and Speaking in 2022 – Q1