The Data Platform Community – 1 Year On

A lot can change in a year. This has been especially true for me and my involvement in the Microsoft data platform community. The evidence for the point comes in the form of my PASS Summit lanyard/badges.

At the 2016 event I was a humble attendee visiting Seattle and the conference for the first time, as you can see by the ribbons on the left of the picture below.

Now in 2017 I feel I’ve grown significantly and am extremely proud to have spoken twice at the worlds largest data platform conference. This honour also came with the added bonus of an MVP ribbon which Microsoft awarded me in July. Purple (MVP) and green (speaker), Seattle ambitions achieved 🙂

My Data Journey So Far

For my first blog post on this clean new site lets start with something personal and reflective.

Your career is a journey along a path. But unlike most journeys (with a SatNav) your career isn’t defined from the start and the path often changes several times. Lots of metaphors can follow here regarding smooth roads, bumpy roads, up hill struggles etc. But lets not get too deep and keep things light-hearted.

The path I’ve taken has revolved around data. This wasn’t something I intended as a care free student many years ago, but it’s where life has taken me and I’m thankful for that. Originally I started out wanting to do electronic engineering and worked for a small eletronics company in Derby testing and inspecting printed circuit boards (PCB’s).

Since then, my path has now turned into a journey of data and as I write at the age of 31, it’s a journey I’d like to share going forward via this blog.

I promise in-depth technical content. How do guides. The occasional bit of grumpy-ness. Some personal moments. Plus, lots of dry English humour.

Thank you for reading and hope you visit again soon.