Future Decoded 2018 – My Quick Review

This week saw the return of Microsoft’s Future Decoded event at London’s ExCel. It was my third time at this two-day exhibitor backed event and it certainly won’t be my last. As a Data Platform person it’s always great attending conferences for all things under the Microsoft umbrella, not just data, it’s a real eye opener seeing what else this massive software company is involved in.

In previous years Future Decoded had always be packed with great content for decision makers and techies a-like. In the past delegates got some guidance on this with a ‘business’ day and a ‘technology’ day. Not so this year, there was no longer a divide in content between the two days, everyone together for all content. This meant a wide array of dress codes could be seen when attendees flooded between rooms and around the ExCel… Smart suits for the decision makers. Jeans and T-Shirts for the techies 🙂 I was there for both day regardless, so didn’t mind the mix of content/people and was proudly wearing my Microsoft provided polo shirt.

My role at the event this year was much more than just a humble attendee. Through MVP channels I was invited by Ed Baker (@EdBaker1965) to support the Hands On Labs area as a proctor, seen below. This involves helping any delegates with technical support issues faced when working on any of the 45 instruction led labs. These labs get offered up on a Surface locally via virtual environments and imaged machines. With me were fellow MVP’s, Microsoft consultants and field engineers from all different tech stacks and industry verticals. In our uniform polo shirts we probably made up the most over qualified, over paid 1st line support team ever! Ha. But who cares. It’s for the community. It’s always a pleasure giving back to the community, having been part of the Microsoft Tech Summit – Birmingham back in January in a similar capacity and it’s always a great networking opportunity. FYI: if you also attended Future Decoded and missed the chance to have a play some content is available here.

Day 2 – Keynote

One highlight for me this year was the keynote on day two, which amongst other speakers was delivered by none other than Satya Nadella (@SatyaNadella). Yes, the Microsoft CEO was in London for Future Decoded 2018. Having alined by career with Microsoft it was an honour sitting just 6 rows from the stage seeing Satya speak about our ever changing world and how Microsoft products are helping solve real world problems; through advancements in artifical intelligence, quantium computing, cloud services and even simple things like making PowerPoint accessible. I few pictures from the keynote below.

Azure: the worlds computer.
Microsoft’s mission seen here. Empower every person and every organisation (in the UK and) on the planet to achieve more.

I look forward to seeing Satya speak again or maybe even grab a coffee with him 🙂

Thats it for my quick post on the event. Many thanks for reading.

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