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The personal brand of an industry leading data professional, now evolved into a limited company for hire. Supporting individuals, charities, small and medium sized businesses with a wide-reaching set of skills, training, mentoring, technical capabilities, advice and services.

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How can I help?

Currently I can offer you the following services and support…


Career shaping advise, support and training for every data professional. Are you just starting out or feel like your skills have become stale or just stuck and not sure where to go next? Unlock your potential and follow in the footsteps of a Microsoft data platform technical architect.

Suggested commitment of 3 hours per month charged at £200 per hour, with a 25% discount available for a 6-month engagement.

I’ll work with you 1:1 to define a career and learning pathway within the industry to improve your skills using a growth mindset, aligned to the Microsoft cloud platform.


An hour of content typically takes eight hours preparation. However, where possible collateral will be re-used and tailored to meet the needs of the attendees. This is open to negotiation, but as a guide.

  • 1 hour, remote and recorded – £500.
  • 1 hour, in person – £600 + expenses.
  • Full day training, online (assuming ~20 delegates) – £3,500.
  • Full day training, in person, hosted by you, including hands on labs (assuming ~30 delegates) – £5,500 + expenses.
  • Full day training, large scale, in person or online, custom content (assuming 50 to 100 delegates) – £300 per delegate.
  • Something else? Please get in touch.

All content requests and durations considered, and all material will be made available in PDF form to takeaway.


As a technical reviewer, author, or co-author I’m happy to consider all book proposals, supporting projects focused on the Microsoft Azure Data Platform stack of resources.

Published and in progress work done to date:

  • Azure Data Factory by Example – Technical Reviewer for Apress.
  • Learning Azure Synapse Analytics – Co Author for O’Reilly.

Startup Advice

We understand startups need to act quickly and often pivot the direction taken. With this in mind, I’m happy to act as a technical sounding board for projects, offering ad-hoc advise when needed and at a moments notice. As a guide we can start having conversations for free, limited to 30mins. Then as requirements evolve, we can explore different levels of engagement. Including time in exchange for a percentage of the future venture.

ProcFwk Tehcnical Support

If you’ve used my open-source metadata driven orchestration framework ( you might like so more support. You can do this using my GitHub Sponsor page here. Or directly if there are specific questions and problems you need help with. As a guide, I can help in the following ways:

  • A pre-commit of 10 hours handled as a call off retainer for advice, design workshops, documentation and whiteboarding. Discounted to £175 per hour.
  • Simple ad-hoc hourly online troubleshooting, advisory, support etc. £250 per hour.
  • Technical delivery, hands on, access to your platform for configuration, coding updates, deployments. £350 per hour. Handled in an agile where in invoiced based on time spent.
  • Fixed scope feature delivery of something that can be pushed back into the open-source version of the framework. £250 per hour.
  • Dedicated training sessions on the framework, delivered remotely, including offline preparation work. £400 per hour.

Architecture Workshops

Designing Azure Data Platforms takes experience, but also practice. I like to practice as much as possible and always welcome the opportunity to draw out technical solutions on a whiteboard. I suggest we spend a day doing this in person to understand requirements and fit the technology to your needs. All drawings and IP remaining yours based on the designs created.

£1,450 per day.

Something Else?

Let’s have a chat. Please email me. I’m open to all suggestions to learn and grow together, focused on a common goal.

In all cases, please consider I do also have a full time role as a consultant that will need to take priority over the above.

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Thank you