MVP Summit 2022

Another year and another great MVP Summit. Sadly virtual. But still great. The best part of being an MVP is engaging with the product teams on the future direction of the technology and feedback where improvements are needed on the existing stack.

Here’s some of my notes from the week of sessions that I can share publicly:


Of course, nothing can be shared publicly!

For those that don’t know MVPs sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Microsoft which covers all content, roadmaps and features being worked on by the software giant.

I consider this an extremely important and privileged thing. The NDA means MVPs get to see what’s coming on the technical roadmap and then (in my case) support customers with a distilled view on the direction/designs for Azure Data Platform architectures.

Given all great things coming from Microsoft, I strongly recommend all industry professionals keep an eye on the conference calendar for the coming year. Announcements generally appear from Microsoft at the larger events such as Build and Ignite. Make sure you attend!

A big and humbled thank you from me to the Microsoft teams for all the great work and allowing me to continue to be part of this community.

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