Building a Data Mesh Architecture in Azure – Dear David and Zhamak


Hey friends a slightly different post today.

A recent LinkedIn post and community talk on this topic has sparked a bit of social media attention that I’d like to get to the bottom of.

To address things directly, as you know I like to do. This is the LinkedIn thread that started it, where my intent was simply to inform followers about a community talk I was planning to deliver for a UK user group.

What followed was:

  • a negative reply from Zhamak herself.
  • a comment calling me blind and condescending.
  • it being suggested that I was teasing Zhamak with my theory vs practice statement.

The third point coming from David Vellante on a recent SiliconANGLE theCUBE episode, included below.

In short folks, I’m truly mortified by this!

So, with a growth mindset, I am simply going to accept this as fair challenge and an opportunity for us to collaborate and learn together.

To that end, I have emailed David and messaged Zhamak…

To be clear, and as I’ve written in the email. I have the greatest respect for the work Zhamak has done.

But, for architects and engineers applying data mesh principals they can often feel a little idealistic camed to the reality of customer requirements. And certainly lacking in any clear way to apply them when working with vendor technologies, which as I’m sure you’ve gathered I openly have a bias towards Microsoft Azure products.

This is the point and knowledge I wanted to share. How a data mesh architecture can be delivered in Azure. What, why and how. Maybe I shouldn’t have crudely simpified this to theory vs practice?

Really, the reaction I’m hoping for is that Microsoft continue enhancing its Azure product offerings to meet the demands of the excellent data mesh work set out my Zhamak.

Let’s see how this plays out. As stated in part 1 of this blog series way back in December 2021…

I certainly have no fear of going first with an idea and being wrong 🙂

Many thanks for reading.

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