SQLBits 2023

The data experts exchange and family friendly conference

For the third time now we turned the annual SQLBits conference into a trip for the whole family. Why? Well, maintaining a work/life balance is always a challenge, so whenever possible making community events into long weekends and trips away with the family is a great opportunity to combine work and personal life. Especially when you know the event organisers embrace the attendance of partners and children with open arms. And special VIP badges!

My younger children, Thea aged 4 and Rupert aged 2, accompanied me again this year to SQLBits in Newport, Wales. Call me brave, crazy or stupid. They give me the strength to get up each day (balanced by the exhaustion to go to bed at 9:30pm each night, ha!) and despite a few looks I only feel a sense of pride walking round the SQLBits halls holding their hands. Pride as a father and proud to be part of such an open community.

For additional context, the 17th March was already marked in the calendar as Rupert’s 2nd birthday and my parents 40th wedding anniversary. So we had plenty of personal reasons not to make the trip to SQLBits. But, we knew we would be welcome at the Friday night party and Thea even explicitly asked to go, having enjoyed the disco themed event previous. Include a request to wear her favourite Elsa dress from Disney’s Frozen. If that wasn’t enough, as in previous years the event organisers even provide childcare during the conference days to support speakers.

In short, work/life balance achieved or nicely blended given the amazing hospitality of the SQLBits event team.

Thank you from all of us. See you next year!

One thought on “SQLBits 2023

  1. I too was at SQLbits and although attending alone I had a fabulous time. Personally I think it is great that the event is so welcoming. I saw the photo being taken of Thea and it mad me smile at the time.


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