As some of you will know during my time on planet earth this site is not the only blog I’ve authored.

Here are a few other blasts from the past on both technical and community topics.


Moving On

Azure SSIS – How to Setup, Deploy, Execute & Schedule Packages

Business Intelligence in Azure – SQLBits 2018 Precon

RDP to Azure Batch Service Compute Nodes

Azure Data Lake – The Services. The U-SQL. The C# (Reference Guide)

What’s New in Azure Data Factory Version 2 (ADFv2)

Community Speaking Analysis with Power BI

Chaining Azure Data Factory Activities and Datasets

Azure Business Intelligence – The Icon Game!

Connecting to Azure Data Lake Store – Across Tenants

My Advice for Speaking in the Community

Cognitive Services with U-SQL (Reference Guide)

Recursive U-SQL With PowerShell (U-SQL Looping)

Calling U-SQL Stored Procedures with C# Code Behind

Wearing Four Hats at SQLBits 2017

Storing U-SQL Assemblies in Azure Blob Storage

Creating a U-SQL Date Dimension & Numbers Table in Azure Data Lake

Passing Parameters to U-SQL from Azure Data Factory

Using Azure Data Factory Configuration Files


Writing a U-SQL Merge Statement

Azure Data Lake Authentication from Azure Data Factory

SQL in Seattle – My PASS Summit 2016

Creating Azure Data Factory Custom Activities

My SQL Relay 2016

Azure Stream Analytics Windowing Queries

Changing the Start Up App on Windows 10 IoT Core

Installing Windows 10 IoT Core On Your Raspberry Pi

Windows IoT UWP Tasks Tickers and Threading

Azure Virual Machine CPU Cores Quota

Controlling Your Windows 10 IoT Core Device

SQL Battleships

SQL Server Management Studio Code Snippets

Using Hyper-V and PowerShell to Create the Perfect Developer Workstation

My Introduction to the SQL Server Community