Preparing My Community Talks for 2021

New & Updated Talks for the Community

With 2020 in the rear view mirror its time to reflect on another year of experience gained as a consultant designing and delivering data platform solutions for my customers in this every changing world of technology. I’ve previously confessed that my job is my hobby, so its great to be able to translate this knowledge (battle scares) into sessions that I can share with the wider community to help shape the direction of the industry and support the next generation. That said, I’ve settled on the following talk titles that I’d like to deliver over the coming year.

I’ve broken these down into 4 main groups, to help with the understanding and context for the talks:

  • Introductions
  • Guiding Principals
  • How To
  • Complete Training

I love public speaking, especially when the content is about my favourite Azure resources 🙂

If you’d like to see any of this content at your event, conference, meetup etc please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or, if you’d like a session on something not listed, I’m open to new ideas.


An Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics (updated)

An Introduction to Azure Data Factory (updated)

An Introduction to the Azure Data Platform (new)

An Introduction to Data Streaming in Azure (new)

An Introduction to Delta Lakes and Delta Lake-Houses (new)

Guiding Principals (From Experience)

A Data Engineers Guide to Using Azure Synapse Analytics (new)

An Architects Guide to Delivering Data Insights on the Microsoft Azure Data Platform (updated)

Building a Logical Data Processing Architecture in Azure (new)

Scaling Up And/Or Scaling Out – Knowing When & How to Apply Each (new)

How To

ETL in Azure Made Easy with Integration Pipeline Data Flows (updated)

Creating a Metadata Driven Processing Framework Using Azure Integration Pipelines (updated)

Deploying Azure Data Factory (CI/CD) (new)

Applying Azure Data Factory in Production (updated)

Beyond IoT Data – Using Azure Stream Analytics (updated)

Complete Training

A Day Full of Azure Synapse Analytics (new)

A Day Full of Azure Data Factory (updated)

Many thanks for reading

2 thoughts on “Preparing My Community Talks for 2021

  1. Hi!
    you have an a great blog, thanks for all post, I wanna ask about you planning talk about ‘purview’?
    this new element of Azure to data catalog.


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