SQLBits 2020 – My Review & Thoughts

Like so many events SQLBits 2020 was delivered from our homes... Training sessions and content delivered via webcam and recordings. Catching up with friends done via chat rooms and breakout sessions. Hanging out in the coffee line done my hanging out in your kitchen with a headset. Banter and consume sharing done via social media. … Continue reading SQLBits 2020 – My Review & Thoughts

Are you an MVP in the making?

Hi friends, just a casual reflective post from me. Within the data platform community you get to meet so many great people who are true experts in their respective fields. This made me wonder how many people are still out there that are truly the most valuable professionals? These people might be valuable to their … Continue reading Are you an MVP in the making?

Preparing My Community Sessions for 2019

Hey friends & SQL family, its been a great year of tech and events so far, but now with several big conferences planning next years agendas its time to think ahead. Below I've prepared titles and abstracts for talks I'd like to deliver to our awesome data platform community in 2019. 5x regular sessions. 2x … Continue reading Preparing My Community Sessions for 2019

The Data Platform Community – 1 Year On

A lot can change in a year. This has been especially true for me and my involvement in the Microsoft data platform community. The evidence for the point comes in the form of my PASS Summit lanyard/badges. At the 2016 event I was a humble attendee visiting Seattle and the conference for the first time, … Continue reading The Data Platform Community – 1 Year On