Thinking about an Azure Synapse Analytics Logical Architecture v1

Hi folks, as some of you may be aware it was the Microsoft MVP Summit in March, for MVP’s this is an exciting time where Microsoft product teams share plans for the coming year and talk about features on the roadmap.

That said, I have the privilege of knowing what the future looks like for Azure Synapse Analytics and for although I can’t share specifics of what’s coming, I feel it’s my duty to start thinking about what a complete Synapse architecture might look like in the near future when delivering a modern analytics platform. Hence this writing this blog 🙂

As a community let’s all start thinking about this given the rich unified environment that Synapse Analytics offers. Below is a picture I’ve drawn as a starting point for a complete Synapse logical architecture. What do you think?

Azure Synapse Analytics Logical Architecture v1
  • Is this picture perfect? No.
  • Would we use every part of Synapse for every project? Probably not.
  • Are we going to use the new and shiny technology just for the sake of it? No.
  • Is having everything available as part of an integrated environment appealing? Yes, definitely.

So, given these answers, where would we use Synapse and where would we still use other Azure Resources – while we wait for the Synapse capabilities to mature?

I’ll leave that question unanswered for now.

As you’ll notice I’ve put a v1 on this blog title and will prepare a v2 once some things become public knowledge.

Many thanks for reading

6 thoughts on “Thinking about an Azure Synapse Analytics Logical Architecture v1

    1. Yes, agreed, hard one to present, I wanted to focus on just the Synapse components without adding all Azure resources to the pic. I’ll expand this n v2.


  1. I’m very interested in the inclusion of Dataverse – I’ve looked very hard and can’t see a SQL representation of it! How can it be integrated into the design? Thanks.


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