A Spring Board into the Avanade Centre of Excellence (CoE)

A Great Outcome Following the Acquisition of Altius

Once upon a time, a grumpy consultant was made even more grumpy (if that was possible) by the news that Altius Data Consulting Ltd was being/had been acquired by the much-much larger Avanade Inc orange machine, complete with Accenture and Microsoft parents, Mum & Dad.

I must confess that in the beginning I was very sceptical about this… very nearly to the point of leaving. However, since the announcement back in March 2019 I can now reflect and firmly say, I was wrong. I might even be a little less grumpy! 🙂

As it turns out the acquisition of Altius has become a very positive thing and has now gifted me the opportunity to move internally within the huge orange enterprise, allowing me to become part of the Avanade global solution area. In this vast network I’ve landed on my feet in the Azure CoE department as a Technical Architect, playing to my strengths in the Data Platform Modernisation team. This transfer is not something that would have been possible before and a role that didn’t even exist in Altius, yet. So, in summary, although the acquisition and integration took a while to happen, the overall outcome has been great for me.

This move probably didn’t happen in the most natural way, mainly due to my own impatience (sorry), but the journey is now in the rear-view mirror. The destination what’s important.

Within the CoE I’m looking forward to spreading my wings even further; applying my passion for innovation, creativity and knowledge sharing well beyond the previous UK territory.


Thank you to all those that supported me through this.

Thank you Mum & Dad 😉

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