Azure Data Integration Pipelines – A Deep Dive

Having worked with Azure Data Factory and now Azure Synapse Analytics data integration pipelines ever since the resources first appeared in the Microsoft cloud platform, I’ve definitley earned (more than) my fair share of experience using the products. Both good and bad. As a data engineer and data archtiect.

To help soften those bad experiences, battle scares and developer pain. Part of what I enjoy in my job is sharing that knowledge with others so we can grow and learn together. Ultimately making all our experiences good. To that end, I’m consolidating everything I know about data pipelines and packaging it up into a complete 2 day training course Azure Data Integration Pipelines A Deep Dive. Which in 2022 will be hosted by Orange Man. Expected dates – 28th February to 1st March.

Training course direct link here:

As you know if you’ve read my blog or seen me speak at community events, I don’t believe in talking about theoretical things in abstract ways. Everything I know and say on this topic comes from real world, hands on experience… Designing solutions and leading delivery teams for various multinational organisations.

If you’d like to take a trip to Denmark, you can expect two intense days covering the following areas.

  • Module 1: Pipeline Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Integration Runtime Design Patterns
  • Module 3: Data Transformation
  • Module 4: Metadata Driven Dynamic Pipelines
  • Module 5: Execution Parallelism
  • Module 6: Pipeline Extensibility
  • Module 7: VNet Integration
  • Module 8: Security
  • Module 9: Monitoring & Alerting
  • Module 10: CI/CD
  • Module 11: Solution Testing
  • Module 12: Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

As you’ll see, this is going to be a deep dive session, so I’m recommending watching my complete introduction session from a recent community MeetUp as a pre-requisitic, blog link below.

Hope to see you in December 🙂

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