Learning Azure Synapse Analytics – Early Release

Just a quick post friends. As you may already be aware, with my friend and now Avanade colleague Richard Swinbank (@RichardSwinbank), we are at it again. Following the success and enjoyment of collaborating on Richard’s book ‘Azure Data Factory by Example‘, previously blogged about here. We decided to engage with O’Reilly on a new project, this time co-authoring the book ‘Learning Azure Synapse Analytics’. As I type the first three chapters are now available in early release form, with another 8, maybe 9 chapters on the way!

You can get an early release copy via the O’Reilly online platform using the below link. This requires signing up as a paid subscriber, or with a 10 day free trial.


This time, instead of me reviewing Richard’s content, I’m on the hook as well and at the mercy of some excellent technical reviewers, including Andy Culter (@MrAndyCutler).

We are aiming to have the first draft completed by the end of the calendar year. Assuming Microsoft don’t go to crazy with announcements and new features. Stay tuned!

Book description

The pace of change in data analytics has never been faster, and with each innovation the job of engineers and architects becomes ever more complicated. Azure Synapse Analytics reduces this complexity by combining data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics into a single developer experience.

Authors Paul Andrew and Richard Swinbank, Microsoft Data Platform MVPs, provide a practical overview of this cloud native highly scalable analytics platform, exploring what, why and how for each service within it. While Azure Synapse Analytics offers a unified flexible toolset for data professionals, navigating the technical and architectural options can be bewildering. You’ll learn about each service individually, and how to combine them into a powerful end to end platform for delivering next-generation data analytics.

This book helps you:

  • Explore the fundamentals of Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Learn how to build and operate solutions and resources of your own
  • Obtain the tools required to deliver cloud native data analytics
  • Understand how to interact with technical capabilities offered
  • Learn the role of Azure Synapse Analytics within a given data architecture
  • Develop dynamic integration and orchestration pipelines
  • Unlock the potential of the unified Azure Synapse Analytics cloud resource

Many thanks for reading.

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