Building a Data Mesh Architecture in Azure – Part 11 – Let’s Recap

Kasper On BI Podcast Interview


A few weeks ago I had with pleasure of speaking with Microsoft’s Kasper de Jonge (@Kjonge) as part of an interview for his own podcast ‘Kasper on BI‘. We started out with the following talking points, but generally let the conversation flow given our collective experience in the industry.

  • What is data mesh?
  • How is it different then traditional dwh?
  • Who is responsible for building?
    • When does something get build? Top down or bottom up?
  • How would you approach this as customer wanting to build?
    • What about security ?
    • Frequency of updates?
  • How do you enable self serve BI on top?

It was really great to reflect with Kasper on the evolution of the products and concepts we’ve been working with over the years and I think about how these tools could be used to deliver a data mesh archtiecture.

On reflection, everything we discussed feels like a good recap of everything explored so far within my data mesh blog series. Although I wish I’d answered some of Kasper’s questions a little more directly, instead of talking round the problem 🙂


Watch the complete episode below and let me know your thoughts.

Within the hour Kasper and I covered a lot of aspects of data mesh, including the what, why and how. There is still so much more to delivering this type of solution that we could explore. The typical breadth vs depth challenge. For now, I think we have a good handle on the breadth of what data mesh is and supports. The depth of how we deliver it still needs a lot more work and explaination. Something we can figure out together.


An Evolution of Data Platform Architectures – Lambda, Kappa, Delta, Mesh

For reference, my SQLBits session is available via the link below and hopefully the recording will appear very soon.

Learning and growing together.

Many thanks for reading/listening

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