Are you an MVP in the making?

Hi friends, just a casual reflective post from me.

Within the data platform community you get to meet so many great people who are true experts in their respective fields. This made me wonder how many people are still out there that are truly the most valuable professionals? These people might be valuable to their peers, but maybe don’t move within the community circles enough to receive the actual award? Pure speculation on my part.
As you’ll already know if you follow me on Twitter

I’m happy to report that I recently landed a mention in Nigel Frank’s Microsoft MVP Class of 2019 roundup. I’m honoured to be part of this line-up alongside some fantastic Microsoft MVP’s who’re making the Microsoft community a better place through their hard work and endless support.

I recommend you have a read and get to know a few of this year’s MVPs, both old and new, who’re doing brilliant things in the tech space. Also the post includes links to tonnes of useful resources and great MVP blogs that are packed with insight and knowledge from every corner of the Microsoft ecosystem. Link below:

That said, this is of course just one example of the community circles I’m referring to and the great people that have received the award from Microsoft. So, the reflective part… could you be part this line-up next year?

Well, the way to find out that answer is to get yourself nominated for the award. Currently only existing MVP’s and Microsoft employees can nominate people, but that shouldn’t stop you. Maybe you already know someone in the Nigel Frank Class of 2019.

Or, maybe have a browse on Microsoft’s ‘Find an MVP’ page here; you might be working with an MVP already!

Or, if you think you’ve got what it takes please reach to me. I’ll gladly nominate you… unless you’re a DBA!…. Just kidding 🙂

Once nominated you’ll need to evidence to Microsoft some of the great work you’ve done over the last year within the community. This will be reviewed by the UK teams and then the corporate heavy weights over at Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond. Don’t be deterred though, here is a list of the MVP activities you can submit under:

Coming back to my original point. Maybe there are some great people out there already doing the above things and haven’t yet realised that they are MVP’s. Tell them, let’s get them in the class of 2020 😉

That’s it for now. We’ll get back to something technical for my next blog post.

Many thanks for reading.


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