Microsoft Book of News – Build 2020

Hi friends, its conference time again and Microsoft have kindly provided another Book of News. This time its for Build 2020 and it contains details of all the announcements made.

Based on the 55 pages of content it would appear Microsoft is once again focused on all things Azure Data/AI in this current release period, especially considering the first 36 pages fall under this category. Then a few bits at the end on Microsoft 365, Security, Windows, Edge and Bing! Fellow Data Platform Professionals, its our turn again 🙂

Here’s a couple of my favourite parts…

Page 15 – Cosmos DB Auto Scaling:

Microsoft is also announcing the forthcoming general availability
of Azure Cosmos DB autoscale provisioned throughput (previously
called autopilot), which offers SLA-backed single-digit millisecond
latency and 99.999% availability guaranteed while taking the
planning and management of throughput capacity off customers’
hands, making it well-suited for large, unpredictable workloads.
After customers select a max level for autoscale provision
throughput, Azure Cosmos DB automatically scales provisioned
throughput up and down based on the workload usage —
relieving customers of the need to manage scale by themselves.
All features will be available in summer 2020.

Page 18 – Azure Synapse:

Microsoft is announcing the May 19 availability of new Azure Synapse
features in public preview. Every data professional and business
analyst can now access the new features for accelerated insights,
including a unified experience with Synapse Studio, integrated SQL
and Spark engines, serverless data lake exploration with Synapse
SQL, shared metadata store and built-in Power BI authoring.

Page 22 – Project Bonsai:

Microsoft is announcing the public preview of Project Bonsai,
Microsoft’s machine teaching service to create and optimize
intelligence for industrial control systems. Project Bonsai is the first
service component of Microsoft’s vision to empower customers
to build, operate and manage autonomous systems. With
Project Bonsai, subject-matter experts can add state-of-the-art
intelligence to their most dynamic physical systems and processes
without needing a background in AI.

Please download the PDF for yourself here:

Build 2020 Book of News


Or from the official Microsoft link here:

All books of new now available via the Book of News blog category.

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