SQLBits 2022 – My Sessions

This year at SQLBits I’m honoured to be presenting a full training day and two regular sessions throughout the week. It’ll be my 6th time at SQLBits, my 3rd time delivering a full training day and my 6th/7th time delivering sessions, I think!

Full agenda here: https://sqlbits.com/information/schedulegrid

My Sessions

Azure Data Integration Pipelines – Advanced Design and Delivery

Wenesday – 9th March

In this full day training data session, we’ll quickly cover the fundamentals of data integration pipelines before going much deeper into our Azure resources. Explorer real life design patterns, best practices and highly dynamic pipelines.

Full session abstract on Sessionize here: https://sessionize.com/s/mrpaulandrew/azure_data_integration_pipelines_-_/45493

Creating a Metadata Driven Orchestration Framework Using Azure Data Integration Pipelines

Thursday – 10th March

This this session we’ll explore delivering a framework within an enterprise and consider an architect’s perspective on a wider platform of ingestion/transformation workloads with multiple batches and execution stages.

Full session abstract on Sessionize here: https://sessionize.com/s/mrpaulandrew/creating_a_metadata_driven_orchestr/39458

The Evolution of Data Platform Architectures in Azure – Lambda, Kappa, Delta, Data Mesh

Friday – 11th March

How has advancements in highly scalable cloud technology influenced the design principals we apply when building data platform solutions? In this session we’ll answer that question exploring an evolution of solution architectures.

Full session abstract on Sessionize here: https://sessionize.com/s/mrpaulandrew/the_evolution_of_data_platform_arch/45488

Please check the live agenda here as sessions may have been moved.

Hope to see you there or virtually.

Many thanks

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